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Double-Album Platinum Discs — £174.99

ELO Platinum discs are issued to artists for recognition of sales - depending on age, originals can be worth thousands of pounds but here at Fab Cool Stuff you can purchase your very own platinum disc at a fraction of the price.

Using only mint original vinyl albums, each disc is platinum plated to the same high standard as official awards. Each presentation houses two platinum discs - being a double album of course; a plaque displaying the title, record label and sales information; a picture of the album cover, and the 'Worldwide Music Awards' logo - all housed in a chunky 24" x 17" pine wooden frame. A certificate of authenticity is attached to the back.
Whether it be to celebrate a wedding, birthday, anniversary or just for yourself, our platinum discs are perfect for any occasion. At no extra cost, the plaque can be changed to include any message of your choice. All mounts are hand cut bevel edged mat surrounds. Frames are glazed with high quality styrene glass to prevent breakages during transit.

Availability and delivery details
Please input the required artist and album title below. Please note, most modern artists do not release albums on vinyl. You can add a personal inscription for the plaque prior to checking out with Paypal by clicking on 'Gift Options'. All platinum discs are open edition and are actioned upon from order, so please allow up to 14 days for despatch, though some are readily available in our ebay shop. The price includes us obtaining the required album on your behalf. Post and packaging will be added on the checkout page. Please note, our discs are not affiliated with the B.P.I. or any other music industry.

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